Listing Reports

Listing Reports

Our listing report service provides our clients with full support for all of their listings. Our virtual real estate assistants are very meticulous when it comes to providing the full and accurate description of our client’s property listings. The team of content writers, graphic designers, and data entry specialists gives our clients full confidence that they can handle any project and provide outstanding results.

We know that creating a beautiful listing from scratch takes time and an eye for design. With direction from real estate sales experts, our graphic designers know exactly when and how to highlight a home’s price, provide a glamour shot of its best feature or a brief property description to market our client’s listings with the best chance of attracting buyers.

While our team may put more emphasis on pictures and videos that does not mean the listing description for the property falls through the cracks. We fully understand failing to describe the property in its full can limit the effectiveness of our clients listing. Content writers go the extra mile for each and every listing they process to ensure every fine detail in the property description is covered accurately and creatively highlights the home’s best characteristics.

Listing Reports Services:

  • Listing Description – Our content writers create attractable listings for our client’s properties. We have a team of editors to make sure everything is proofread and accurately described.
  • Listing Images – Our team of graphic designers is experts when it comes to image cropping and making other edits to our client’s property photographs to make them look the most appealing.
  • Listing Postings – We post our clients new listings across numerous websites to ensure their properties reach the most prospects possible.
  • Listing Updates – We take care of all of the updates to the listings across all platforms like when the price of the property fluctuates.
  • MLS Database – Our data entry specialists will upload each new listing into our clients MLS database of choice.
  • Brochure and Flyers – Our team of creative graphic designers creates beautiful and catchy brochures and flyers to attract buyers for our clients.

Costs Breakdown

We have flat flexible rates for our listing report service that takes into consideration the number of hours required to complete the client’s requirements. Every client is different in regards to the complexity of their listing needs and hours needed to complete everything involved. In general we charge $9/hr for our basic listing service that takes care of most all new property listing needs, it is an extremely rare occasion that the hourly rate is higher. Based on the client’s initial requirements, we are able to convert this $9/hr to a flat rate that covers the whole property listing process which will not change without receiving any additional requirements from the client.


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