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Home Marketing Strategies That Target Millennials

For years and years millennials were reluctant to purchasing homes after witnessing the housing crash of 2008. This generation has finally got the recession out of their minds and are now swooping up houses at historic rates. Take this into account with the fact that millennials are now the largest generation by population and it […]

New Startups Transforming The Real Estate Industry

Innovation in the real estate market has really started to take off. Technology investors and venture capitalist are now pouring money into all kinds of different startups that are transforming the real estate industry. Tech innovations have transformed all aspects of the industry so it is important for everyone to know and understand what the […]

Selling Real Estate In Flood Zones

Rainy season is upon us and as each storm passes those homeowners in flood zones fear the worst. According to National Geographic, floods are one of the most common and most destructive natural disasters on Earth. The good news is that even houses located in high flood zone areas have just a 1 percent chance […]

Managing Your Real Estate Investments With a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have become a much needed commodity for real estate professionals at all levels. People relatively new to the real estate industry usually do not have the necessary cash to hire a full time property manager. Real estate investors that have multiple properties in multiple locations just do not have enough time in the […]

Is the Canadian Real Estate Market Poised for a Crash in 2019?

The Canadian real estate market has been on a positive roll over the last several years. Low-interest rates, a strong economy, increasing immigration, lots of foreign investments along with the attractive capital gain tax exemptions for homeowners has really worked wonders for the housing market. All these factors combined has created a housing bubble that […]

The Impact of the 2018 Tax Reform on the US Real Estate Market

Back in December the President signed the tax reform legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). While the main purpose might have been to lower corporate tax rates from 35% to 21% there were also some other big changes to tax laws that are directly affecting the real estate industry. There were […]

Australia Avoided Real Estate Crash of 2008, is it Now Impending?

The housing market crash in the United States in 2008 led to a financial crisis that affected pretty much every asset market in almost every developed country in the world. As countries were fumbling around and proposing a wide range of policy initiatives that focused on stabilizing the real estate market Australia’s housing market seemed […]

Which Aspects of Property Management Can Be Outsourced?

As the increase of outsourcing continues to rise across all industries, property owners worldwide are now looking into outsourcing their property management needs. Using advanced technology to the point that professionals can literally work from anywhere in the world it only makes sense that property managers can handle most of their tasks using the internet. […]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

The number of real estate companies that are outsourcing their transaction coordinator processes continues to increase each and every year. The benefits of outsourcing can really make a huge positive impact for your company considering the cost savings and overall increase in efficiency you will experience. As you already know there are never any business […]